Floyd meowing

Floyd is a very special cat. He is loving and always happy.

When he was 5, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his rear leg. The wonderful doctors at OSU Veterinary Hospital saved him by amputating.

2.5 years later, he is still a happy, healthy family member.
You should see how fast he runs!
– Julie

4 thoughts on “Floyd”

  1. WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS FLOYD! You are a true kitty survivor! Quite the inspiration!! You and your mom make a great tea.!

    We need more pictures of you though. You look like a very handsome kitty from the little bit of you we can see in this photo.

    Did Floyd do any chemo or any additional treatment after his amputation?

    Absolutely delightful to hear how well Floyd is doing!

    Hugs to you both!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Way to kick cancers butt Floyd! Amazing! From your picture it looks like you’re a vocal talking cat too! You sure are a handsome boy!
    Linda & Max

  3. FLOYD!

    Welcome Trikitty! We’re so hoppy you joined us, thank you! Do tell more. What kind of cancer?

    The more kitty bloggers the more we can help others who are facing amputation. We SO appreciate you my friend, please blog away so we can learn all about your story. xoxo

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