Floyd is signing off…

It is with immense sadness that we said goodbye to Floyd in February.

He lived all 9 lives to the fullest.
We adopted him after he “retired” from a job 7 years ago.
He beat cancer with a leg amputation almost 5 years ago.
He helped encourage other pet families with his blog.
He had diabetes, a heart murmur and kidney problems. 
He even trained a kitten in the house rules at age 8!
Through all this he purred when ever his family was near and through vet visits.

He will be missed by many humans and cats. Thankfully his 3 younger partners in mischief (Evelyn, Kermit and Callie) appear to be in good health.


Floyd meowing

Floyd is a very special cat. He is loving and always happy.

When he was 5, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his rear leg. The wonderful doctors at OSU Veterinary Hospital saved him by amputating.

2.5 years later, he is still a happy, healthy family member.
You should see how fast he runs!
– Julie